Entrevista: Avi Reichental, presidente e CEO da 3D Systems (parte 2 de 2)

What do you see as the value of 3D printing?

I think that in the next 5-10 years 3D printing will change everything. It will change how we print, how we create, how we manufacture, how we design, how we decorate, how we treat a variety of medical conditions, and the value is that with 3D printing there are no limitations in complexity and in the final charge. And what I mean by that is that the printer does not care if it prints the simplest of all geometries or the most complex one. There is no penalty, there is no extra charge for complexity. And the other thing is that there is no penalty and no extra charge for minimum quantity. So whether you want to print in a quantity of one or in a quantity of one million, you can do it. That is really interesting and important for start-ups and small businesses, because all of a sudden, they can begin to access the same technology and the same capabilities that historically were reserved to big companies. And at the same time if you have a computer or Internet or you can access cloud printing, you can begin to present, and design, and sell products with the same capabilities and the same technology, and the same impact that large companies have. That can change everything.

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